An overview of the transfer process

Ottawa Video Transfer
  • Free pick-up and delivery in the Ottawa area* - After initial contact and discussion of your needs, Ottawa Video Transfer will pick-up your video
  • Your media is played through the appropriate hardware (VCR, Camcorder, etc) and captured into digital format.
  • The captured footage is analyzed to determine the quality of the audio/video.
  • Equal chapters will be created to easily skip through the DVD.
  • Complete project is transferred to DVD or to a format of your choosing.
  • Finished DVD is tested in a number of DVD players and computers for quality assurance.
  • Ottawa Video Transfer will deliver your finished order along with your original videos.

Not sure if your DVD player plays DVD Recordables? Please check here if your DVD player is compatible. Ottawa Video Transfer also offers a test DVD Recordable to play on your DVD player before the video transfer is started. Please ask for details.

Please note: The quality of the finished DVD depends heavily on the quality of the source.


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