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Do you have reels of 8mm film, Super8 or 16mm film collecting dust in your basement or attic? These film will deteriorate over time and may eventually become unviewable. Eventually, colours may fade completely or your film may become too brittle to even play. Transfer them to DVD before your precious memories are gone forever. Transferring your old film to DVD is the answer to keeping these moments alive for years to come. They also make great gifts. Imagine the emotions your parents will feel when they see their wedding video which was captured over 50 years ago on a DVD! Or how about memories of your grandparents caught on tape at your parent's baptism! Or how about your first Christmas over 50 years ago? The possibilities are endless. Relive those priceless memories much easier by just popping them in your DVD player.

There are no extra charges for normal service. There are no hidden charges for splicing, cleaning.

Try out the film to DVD service with a free sample. We'll pick up your old film and transfer a sample of your film to DVD for free. If you are satisfied with your sample film to DVD transfer, we will be glad to transfer your 8mm, Super8 and 16mm home movie film with the same care and quality. You have nothing to lose!

Film to DVD Transfer prices

8mm / Super 8 / 16mm Setup Fee (one time)
$0.35 per foot $30

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