Audio Transfer | Ottawa

Audio Transfer | Ottawa

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Here are just some of the audio services Ottawa Video Transfer has to offer:

  • LP to CD / Record to CD
  • Cassette to CD / Tape to CD
  • CD to CD / CD Duplication
  • LP to MP3, Cassette to MP3
  • CD to MP3 - great for your Ipod or MP3 player!

Do you have a collection of audio cassettes, LPs, 45's or 33's sitting in a box in your basement or attic? No longer have a cassette or record player? Do you have speeches, lectures or recorded meetings on cassette tape or microcassette that you would like to transfer onto CD? As time goes on, the audio quality will degrade on these items and eventually will be lost forever.

Ottawa Video Transfer has been transferring all kinds of audio formats to Compact Disc for many years. Ottawa Video Transfer is dedicated to the effort of preserving your audio recordings with a process that was developed from years of tried and tested methods. Once your media is digitized, it goes through sound cleaning and filtering, using advanced techniques such as normalization, pops and clicks removal, hiss removal, etc. Using this process, they can sound even better than the originals. In addition, the best sound is achieved because Ottawa Video Transfer only uses professional sound equipment in top condition. Custom track splitting is also available. All of this at a low, competitive price which includes FREE delivery in the Ottawa Area.

They also make great gifts that can be cherished for years to come!

Overview of the Audio Transfer Process

  • Each LP is thoroughly cleaned before being played.
  • Sound quality recording adjustments are made depending on the LP/Cassette.
  • The LP/Cassette is then recorded in digital format, removing unnecessary noise such as hiss, clicks and pops onto a computer.
  • The quality of the recording is checked to see how effective the restoration process was and further processing is made if needed.
  • Also available: Songs are split up into tracks for jumping from song to song just like on a regular CD. We can divide your CD into tracks following either the layout of the original or any custom layout you specify.
  • All the tracks are then transferred at the slowest speed onto a CD with the songs listed in its Jewel case, ready to be played on your CD player.
  • Before we give the recording back to you, we make sure that your CD will play in a number of different players: a car CD player, car multi-disc changer, portable CD player/radio, CD walkman, new and older computers and on a DVD player.

Please note: The audio transfer process is done in private and your audio will not be played for any third party. Once the transfer process is complete, your audio is deleted from our main computer to protect your privacy.

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