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What can you do with a digital video file?

A digital video file can be copied to your laptop or computer's hard drive, smartphone or tablet for viewing. You can also edit your video file in a number of video editing software before burning to DVD. Also, a digital video file can be uploaded to social networking sites including YouTube and Facebook. You can also share and archive them in Cloud storage applications including Google Drive and Dropbox. A digital video file will not deteriorate like an analog video tape will over time so it's a great format for archiving.

Ottawa Video Transfer can convert your tapes to a digital video file including MPG, MP4, MOV and AVI - Both Windows and Mac compatible. Here are the formats Ottawa Video Transfer can convert to a digital file:

  • DVD
  • VHS
  • MiniDV
  • Hi8, 8mm, Digital8
  • PAL/SECAM Hi8, 8mm, Digital8
  • Beta
  • more available...
  • Just let us know what you intend to do with the video file and we can suggest the best format that would suit your need. You can choose to transfer the video file to a hard drive, a DVD or a USB stick. If needed, Ottawa Video Transfer also provides USB sticks at an additional cost.

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