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VHS transfer to DVD / VHS to Digital File - Our most popular service!

VHS tapes are great for taping movies or television shows but they are a poor way to store video that you want to keep for years. VHS tape heads wear out more and more during every viewing. Videotapes also deteriorate by many factors such as temperature, dust and time. Tapes as little as 10 years old could be in bad shape from normal, ordinary use. If properly handled, DVD's can last over 20 years and will not lose any video or audio quality compared to the day it was first made. Most people no longer even have VCR players now because they are an outdated technology. Before it's too late, convert those VHS tapes to DVD or digial files. Not only will you be protecting your precious memories, you'll be able to relive and enjoy all those great memories for years to come.

Other VHS Conversions we offer include:

  • VHS-C
  • PAL/SECAM VHS - Convert an international VHS to North American format. For more detail, please visit our PAL/SECAM Conversion page.
  • After your VHS is transferred to DVD, your memories can be played on almost any DVD player, Blu-ray player or laptop/computer. Ottawa Video Transfer can also duplicate your DVDs for archiving and to share your memories with family and friends.

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